How to do customer interviews properly (because it’s easy to do it wrong)

Doing customer interviews is hard. Not because you feel awkward asking questions and a bit sell-y, or it’s a waste of time because you know what they’re going to say. It’s hard because you’re doing it wrong.

As a former BBC journalist, I’ve had this experience many times. “Yeah, I’d love to talk to you about that, it sounds great, I’m just a little busy right now…”

User research and the deadly sin of vagueness

The Crocstar team recently went to Manchester to attend the NUX3 conference.

The talk I most enjoyed was ‘The 7 deadly sins of user research’ by David Travis. With my physics background my ears pricked when the word ‘vagueness’ was uttered in the same sentence as ‘testing’.

Web design cannot be done in isolation

I’ve just been to The business of web design conference. It was a great day with inspiring speakers – including freelancer Dan Edwards, Viviana Doctorovich from Clearleft Design and Paul Boag from Headscape. They shared stories and insights from life as a freelancer, working in small teams, the processes behind organising big, creative groups and much more.

The thing that really stood out to me was that most of the audience seemed to be web designers or web developers.