What is ‘kanban’, and why do I need to know?

Our group's kanban board!

In perfect ‘lets get organised for the new year’ timing, John Armstrong-Prior explained the principles of kanban at January’s Geekeasy.

Find out what kanban is and how you can use it here.

‘Process geek’ Glenn gives us a glimpse into what he’s been working on

Glenn Millington (@Pictographik)

The third Geekeasy saw graphic designer Glenn Millington talk about the processes he uses when he’s being creative. He told us about a computer program he’s been using to create music. Instead of pressing buttons to get sounds, he is generating audio from images. Listen to an example here.

Geekeasy in Derby such fun that even the locals joined in

Christine introduces Geekeasy Derby

With the strapline: ‘the place to get together with like-minded folk for good banter and beer’, Geekeasy Derby was always going to be a relaxed kind of evening.

Hosted at the newly-refurbished pub The Furnace Inn, a group of around 20 geeks got together to eat samosas, drink beer and confess their geekisms. Some were not even geeks, one chap joined in, even though he’d “only come in for a pint”.

Come along to the first Geekeasy Derby!

Geekeasy Derby

I’d like to invite you to Derby’s first Geekeasy – the place to get together with like-minded folk for good banter and beer. The newly-reopened Furnace Inn will be our host for the evening, and the owner (and self-confessed geek) Pedro will kindly provide some nibbles.

Meet at The Furnace Inn, on Duke Street, on Thursday 4 October, 6pm-8pm.