What became of the Class of 2015 Crocstar interns?


2016 might have universally sucked for everyone. But there was one glimmer of hope: Shabi was formed from the pairing of Shannon and Abi. Here’s their story. Way back in December 2015, we expanded the Crocstar team to include three interns. Shannon and Abi have stayed with us as content producers while the wonderful Anaaf […]

Social media for business: lecture at Derby University

Crocstar was invited along to teach a session on social media to professional writing students. As the group had mixed levels of experience, we tailored the day to cover the basics of using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, right the way through to tracking analytics to measure return on investment. We introduced to the group […]

A plea to online journalists: Pass on your enthusiasm to students

I’m running the work experience module on the journalism degree at The University of Derby, for the second year. As I blogged earlier this year, the students have to find a placement for two weeks in the world of journalism. Some are interested in print, some radio, some magazine and one in TV documentary making. This is the second year that no one has expressed a desire to work solely on the web.