What became of the Class of 2015 Crocstar interns?


2016 might have universally sucked for everyone. But there was one glimmer of hope: Shabi was formed from the pairing of Shannon and Abi. Here’s their story. Way back in December 2015, we expanded the Crocstar team to include three interns. Shannon and Abi have stayed with us as content producers while the wonderful Anaaf […]

What we’ve been up to at Crocstar recently

Phew! We’ve been a bit busy recently and wanted to share what we’ve been up to. As well as moving to our lovely new office in the heart of Derby’s Cathedral Quarter, we’ve been travelling around the country spreading the word about copywriting.

Office morale: people are more important than furniture

After four months of working with Crocstar, I’ve quickly learnt that the key to producing brilliant content is a combination of training, reading and a supportive working environment.

Morale within the office is hugely important for getting the most out of you. A happy bunny is a hard working bunny.

Talking about how to write well for social media at Second Wednesday

Feedback and tweets from my talk at Nottingham’s gathering of people from (or wanting to get into) the web and related creative industries.

Ridding the world of rubbish web copy: The Crocstar mission

Back in 2007 I had an idea. The idea was to rid the internet of rubbish website copy. You know: the drab intros, the flabby sales copy and the tired old clichés. So I left my job as a BBC broadcast journalist and set out on my mission… and today we celebrate four years of clearing up the web.