Swearing is bleeping great


It’s almost like a rite of passage. Like birth, puberty, marriage and death, swearing properly for the first time changes us. Try and say you didn’t feel fantastic after emitting your first swear. The sheer relief of releasing the expletive that you’ve tried so hard to contain for most of your childhood – what a high! Welcome to the adult world – you’re going to hate it.

Nothing. I’ve got stuff to do – didn’t even hurt that much anyway.
Cry. A big ugly cry.
Swear: that really fucking hurt.

How can writers and designers work better together? Watch this

On Saturday 14th March our very own Christine will be hosting a session at the South by South West (SXSW) technology festival in Austin. As part of her warm up, and for anyone not lucky enough to attending SXSW, we had a quick Google hangout with Christine and co-host Jon Kohrs. They discuss what’s coming up […]

Copy comes in all shapes and sizes

I’ve recently been researching what content means to different users and came across this post from the amazing Robert Mills of Bluegg. He was asked by a friend: “What is content?” (He’s answered it brilliantly so definitely take a look!) The post got me thinking about all the different types of copy we work on and how each […]

Web design cannot be done in isolation

I’ve just been to The business of web design conference. It was a great day with inspiring speakers – including freelancer Dan Edwards, Viviana Doctorovich from Clearleft Design and Paul Boag from Headscape. They shared stories and insights from life as a freelancer, working in small teams, the processes behind organising big, creative groups and much more.

The thing that really stood out to me was that most of the audience seemed to be web designers or web developers.

UX design and copywriting is a perfect marriage

Since my trip to the SXSW festival, I’ve been thinking about UX a lot. And I’ve been wondering why UX designers and content writers don’t just get into bed and make some beautiful website babies that are easy to use and easy to read. UX design and copywriting is a perfect marriage.

Users come to websites to get information, not to look at design, so content needs to be higher up in the priority of a web build. Writers and designers both want to control the show, but if they start with UX in mind, the end result is much better for users.