Anaaf Bhatti: Getting it write for non-profits

Social marketing has had a huge impact on the third sector, providing a new platform to engage with new audiences, reach out to beneficiaries and increase donations. It allows a cost-effective way for organisations to convey messages that reflects their values and services the way they want to.

What we’ve been up to at Crocstar recently

Phew! We’ve been a bit busy recently and wanted to share what we’ve been up to. As well as moving to our lovely new office in the heart of Derby’s Cathedral Quarter, we’ve been travelling around the country spreading the word about copywriting.

Gamestorming in action at the Scottish Government

I recently spent two days at the Scottish Government doing consultancy and content strategy with two teams working on a new website for policy information and their intranet.

With complex content, several people from different teams involved and without the benefit of having done it before, the teams were keen to hear about how GOV.UK happened and what learnings they could put into practice.

Keeping consistent when you have a team of people on social

At the Online Influence Conference Crocstar ran a roundtable discussion on keeping consistency when you have a team of people managing your social.

If you haven’t been to one, a roundtable discussion is where you sit round a table and talk about your experiences. You can share things that have worked well – or not – and learn from others in the room. The whole thing is led and kept on track by one person, who tries to keep things flowing and draw conclusions from the conversation.

Writing for the web training sessions

We’ve just designed a set of three half-day writing for the web training workshops and thought you might like to take a look at them.

Ideal for companies looking to improve their online content and brush up on their writing skills, these sessions are practical and relevant. Whether you’re a public sector organisation or a private company, the sessions and examples will be tailored to your needs.

GOV.UK-style training on writing for the web

If you need to spend some of your public sector training budget before the end of the financial year, consider using Crocstar. We specialise how in writing for the web, using social media and creating a successful online communication strategy,

Having trained hundreds of people in central government departments how to write for the web, Christine from Crocstar has a wealth of experience training in the public sector.