How to make your Instagram photos look incredible: The Crocstar toolkit

GB Labels on Instagram

Abi writes: We are Instagram obsessives at Crocstar. We’ve blogged before about the benefits of setting up an Instagram account, but we were so excited about the latest stats we just had to share our latest thoughts on using the photo-sharing app. So here’s how to make the most of your posts so you can reach the right people.

Exploring the linguistic secrets found in billions of emoji

United States of emoji

Every day, we send almost 6 billion emoji from our smartphones, but what kinds of patterns can you find when you look at all this data together? How do different cultures and nationalities use emoji differently? Are there hidden linguistic patterns in our quickly-dashed-off emoji utterances?

Abi Rose: A look at the evolution of blogging

The first blog I ever read was Flying – it was 2007 and I was 15. My friends and I were obsessed with Selina’s adventures in beauty and fashion.

Pre-Instagram era, we could wear what Selina wore at the click of a button. Pre-Pinterest we attempted her DIY ideas (with varying degrees of success). She’s also entirely to blame for a questionable love of vintage clothing, that pre-Facebook, there is little evidence of!

What we’ve been up to at Crocstar recently

Phew! We’ve been a bit busy recently and wanted to share what we’ve been up to. As well as moving to our lovely new office in the heart of Derby’s Cathedral Quarter, we’ve been travelling around the country spreading the word about copywriting.

Keeping consistent when you have a team of people on social

At the Online Influence Conference Crocstar ran a roundtable discussion on keeping consistency when you have a team of people managing your social.

If you haven’t been to one, a roundtable discussion is where you sit round a table and talk about your experiences. You can share things that have worked well – or not – and learn from others in the room. The whole thing is led and kept on track by one person, who tries to keep things flowing and draw conclusions from the conversation.

How to do storytelling for business

Using a story to talk about a product or service can be a powerful way to help people remember your message. We feel more involved in the action when we’re told a story. We engage more because we relate the story to our personal experiences. This creates a deeper connection and means we’re more likely […]