Writing for social media training for Viasat

What they wanted

Swedish television broadcaster, Viasat, wanted a bespoke social media training session for 10 of their team members.

Although the team already used social networks, they wanted to get specific and hands-on advice to make their posts reach and engage their audience further.

What we did for them

We took the group through all aspects of using social media as a brand. From simple issues such as what content is of interest to users to looking at the analytics. We also discussed more complex problems such as using content in several different languages without mixing messages and keeping the conversations with our audience flowing naturally?

Creating engaging posts, efficiently handling complaints or queries and creating a social media ‘voice’ were some of the big issues we helped the group break down. Particularly important for the group was discussing how to structure an effective campaign within tight restrictions of budget and TV scheduling. We also advised on a structured strategy to present to their peers and seniority within the organisation.

The results

The team worked on solving issues, sharing best practice and creating engaging posts.

The group also discussed how to structure an effective campaign within tight restrictions of budget and a TV schedule.

To give the team something to take away from the session, we got together a selection of post-training materials for them – which included a writeup of the key takeaways, personalised recommendations, a copy of the presentation to refer to and documents to help them plan and structure their future posts.