Managing the Pizza Hut Delivery Twitter account

What they wanted

Pizza Hut partnered up with Microsoft to promote the launch of the hotly anticipated Halo 4 game in November 2012.

Crocstar was brought in to manage the Pizza Hut Delivery Twitter account for two months to promote special Halo 4 pizzas, free Halo 4 avatars, and a prize draw to win exclusive Halo 4 branded goodies, including headsets and Xboxes.

What we did for them

Tweeted offers and encouraged gamers to enter the prize draw. We also linked to the best blogs, reviews and Halo 4 content around the web.

The account gained hundreds of followers daily, so we made them feel welcome, drew them into conversation and helped them engage with the Pizza Hut brand.

We managed complaints and liaised with the customer service team.

We also created a style guide to refer to.

The results

The account’s followers increased from just over 5,000 at the end of October to around 12,000 by the end of December. As well as welcoming new followers, it was important to keep the subject matter fresh so longer-term followers wouldn’t be bored or fed up with the tweets. By including topical references, retweets and sharing funny (and relevant) videos/blog posts/images/audio and links it helped to keep the conversation lively and fun.