Which is better, the book or the film? Shannon tells us


It’s a dispute that’s been around since the beginning of time. (Almost.) Book lovers say books are best but film buffs argue the movie rules. For some, there isn’t an issue: books and films are separate things. But for others (me) it’s a HUGE issue that needs to be discussed.

In this post, I’m comparing the changes I’ve seen to some major novels when they’ve become movies and collected your thoughts on the ‘book vs film’ debate.

Exploring the linguistic secrets found in billions of emoji

United States of emoji

Every day, we send almost 6 billion emoji from our smartphones, but what kinds of patterns can you find when you look at all this data together? How do different cultures and nationalities use emoji differently? Are there hidden linguistic patterns in our quickly-dashed-off emoji utterances?

A whistlestop tour of content strategy

Privacy Settings Analytics FREE Collect Leads A whistlestop tour of content strategy

Christine gave the opening talk at the WXG conference in September 2015. It’s a one-day speaker conference dedicated to creating cutting-edge web experiences.

She spoke about why content needs to be high in the priority of a web build and how to get great content. Drawing on her experience with complicated content with government departments at GOV.UK, with storytelling in the charity sector and the inherent tension in writing copy for apps, Christine touched on many issues in her whistlestop tour of content strategy.

Anaaf Bhatti: Getting it write for non-profits

Social marketing has had a huge impact on the third sector, providing a new platform to engage with new audiences, reach out to beneficiaries and increase donations. It allows a cost-effective way for organisations to convey messages that reflects their values and services the way they want to.

Abi Rose: A look at the evolution of blogging

The first blog I ever read was Flying Saucer.com – it was 2007 and I was 15. My friends and I were obsessed with Selina’s adventures in beauty and fashion.

Pre-Instagram era, we could wear what Selina wore at the click of a button. Pre-Pinterest we attempted her DIY ideas (with varying degrees of success). She’s also entirely to blame for a questionable love of vintage clothing, that pre-Facebook, there is little evidence of!

What we’ve been up to at Crocstar recently

Phew! We’ve been a bit busy recently and wanted to share what we’ve been up to. As well as moving to our lovely new office in the heart of Derby’s Cathedral Quarter, we’ve been travelling around the country spreading the word about copywriting.