Our favourite tools to use at Crocstar

What tools do we use the most?

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I write the social posts for Crocstar and some of our clients. To do my job more efficiently – and to keep my brain organised – I use several tools. 

Here’s a list of the tools we use everyday:

Why do we use them?


When I had the interview for my job it was over Skype, and we use it a lot. It helps us keep connected with clients when we can’t meet up with them and does the same for us when we are working away from the office. It also lets us share images for our social accounts… and maybe the odd cat picture too *cough*.


We use Sprout as our social scheduling tool. It lets us manage multiple accounts at once so often it halves the time we spend creating posts.

Its reporting feature is also fantastic, and we regularly to show our clients what impact our content creation is having. This section also lets us see what areas we need to work on with the client to improve their offering – for example it can flag up some interesting facts about the audience demographic.

Sprout has lots of other features within the tool, so take a look if you’re to improve how you manage your social accounts.

Google apps

The majority of our planning, writing, editing… okay anything that involves typing more that 15 words, is done in Google Docs. The service makes it easy for us to collaborate on projects from our separate computers, keeping our checking and scheduling process streamlined. Being able to collaborate also helps when we are doing pair writing projects with clients.

We organise all of our work in one place in Google Drive. We all have access so we don’t have to step on each others toes to get work done. It’s that simple.

To keep our timesheets in check, we also use Google Sheets. All we have to do then is add our hours in at the end of each working day.


We plan our blog posts using the kanban-style system Trello. We can clearly see the progression of the posts through the stages of idea > creation > review > schedule. It’s really satisfying to watch everyone move their posts up the chain.

As with Asana, it also helps to automate the process, alerting Christine or Lucie when posts are ready to be checked.


If you’re thinking about tools, find out what works for you and your work. There’s no set blueprint and we use lots of tools to make our day to day run smoothly.