Make the most of your Monday

The smoother Monday morning goes, the less stressed you will be throughout the whole week.

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With a little extra prep, you can learn to love Monday. It’s time to do being an adult better and take control of the ‘worst day of the week’.

Although our office thrives on post-it notes, we’re all-round organisation junkies.

This is how Team Crocstar does Monday:

Monday starts on Sunday

The blues usually strike on Sunday night and often stem from tension caused by forgetting a task or leaving things until the last minute.

Procrastination is the real enemy here and you can beat it by doing small, practical tasks to help you feel more in control. That episode of House of Cards can wait.

Crocstar recommends: Take 30 minutes out of your evening to pack your bag and prepare lunch for the next day.

Go even further and lay your outfit out or make a to-do list. The smoother Monday morning goes, the less stressed you will be throughout the whole week.

The most important meal of the day

Lots of people say breakfast makes them feel sick or that they ‘aren’t a breakfast person’. Try getting up 20 minutes earlier, start with small, plain options and slowly build up the size of your breakfast. You’ll notice you have more energy throughout the day and won’t be distracted by hunger pangs mid-morning.

Boost your immune system with the best medicine – tasty, natural foods. Blueberries, eggs, avocado and whole grains are known to combat depressive symptoms and will give you a rush of energy.

If you’re a breakfast phobic start simple: an apple or an orange (or both), and a hot cup of tea.


Use your commute

Commuting is far from a breeze when you’re packed in like sardines and stuck in a traffic jam.

If you’re lucky enough to get a seat on the bus or train then use this time to mentally plan your day. Start working through those emails and reading articles that are related to your field to inspire yourself.

If this approach is too full-on for you, then loading up your Spotify with songs you love is a great way to motivate yourself. Start reading (or writing) that novel or if you’re driving, invest in some podcasts or audiobooks. If you find any good ones, be sure to let us know.

Crocstar recommends:
To say we’re a content agency, we love getting creative in other ways to find non-wordy inspiration. As a self-confessed music obsessive, Lucie uses her time on the bus to catch up on those new tunes that power the office for the week ahead.

Abi is more visual with her commute. She edits the snaps she’s taken over the weekend for our Crocstar Instagram account, finding those perfect colour combinations that require a bit of focus to get right.

Our autumn playlist is on full blast to fire up our creativity today 😏

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We had to include post-it notes

When you reach your desk, hit the ground running and list all your tasks on post-it notes. Stick them onto your desk or computer and pull them off when you’ve completed the task.

Everyone has a different way of personalising to-do lists. Christine swears by the Asana app, while Abi and Lucie love a traditional box tick – so satisfying.

Crocstar recommends:
Although our office thrives on post-it notes, we’re all-round organisation junkies. We’ve taken some time to find processes that work for our office – trying a few different methods and software to keep on top of the tasks we have to do.

We recommend trying a few different techniques to see what works for you. We work with Agile methodologies. On a daily basis, we:

  • use Trello for our ‘Task overview’, allowing everyone to see what we’re working on as an agency (not just our individual projects)
  • ‘stand up’ together every morning so we can update each other on what’s happening that day

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Look ahead

If you can get Monday right, it can help set you up for the rest of the week. Our walls often end up up covered in post-it notes or sticky paper, and for good reason – using colours and bold writing, we can sort out what needs doing and when, then split tasks between us. Most importantly, we can use brainstorming to work out if there’s any obstacle blocking our progress.

Nice try Monday, but you can’t throw any surprises our way.

Sweet treat

We all need that extra incentive to cheer us up. If ever there was a candidate for treat day, we’d say it was Monday. We try to eat healthily and we’re a fan of ‘communal fruit’ (we’ve just finished working our way through a bag a of satsumas courtesy of Shannon), but sometimes we cave in and grab a biscuit or a brownie. All in moderation.

Happy birthday to our Crocstar-in-chief and all-round lovely boss lady Christine! 🎉🎂💃🏻

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End the day right

It’s tempting to sink into the sofa after a long day at work, but getting back out there and heading to gym or out on a run can actually leave you feeling more refreshed. While exercise can improve your mood and help you sleep better, we’ve had many a discussion about the other benefits of exercise in the Crocstar office. Christine is convinced that since taking up weights at the gym, she’s been able to dash around London at a faster pace and carry her suitcase for much longer distances.

We’re not sure if this is anything to worry about, but Shannon has also admitted she sees her place on a local netball team as a form of ‘anger therapy’.

Crocstar recommends:
If the thought of daily exercise makes you shudder, try and build it into your day so that it doesn’t feel like an extra chore. You could take a stroll at lunchtime or get off the bus a few stops early and power walk home.

We’ve also been dabbling with the Headspace app, to help us be more mindful and calm. For just a few minutes a day you learn the techniques of meditation. We reckon it makes us more productive and gives the same benefits as a workout. All the exercise for mind and body without the dread of going to the gym.


We hope that our tried and tested methods help you to totally own Monday. If you have any suggestions to make Monday more bearable we would love the hear them in the comments.