Sarcastic emojis – which one do you use?


Here at Crocstar, we’re partial to an emoji or two (or three). Earlier this year Christine went to a talk at SXSW called ‘The Linguistic Secrets Found in Billions of Emoji’, she wrote all about the secrets in her blog post. If emojis have become a type of language support, are they capable of forming […]

Make the most of your Monday


Why is society so keen for us to dread Monday? Most of us can trace that feeling of cold dread back to Sunday nights before school. But we aren’t at school any more. There are no grown ups telling us what to do. We are the grown ups. And we’re in control.

Swearing is bleeping great


It’s almost like a rite of passage. Like birth, puberty, marriage and death, swearing properly for the first time changes us. Try and say you didn’t feel fantastic after emitting your first swear. The sheer relief of releasing the expletive that you’ve tried so hard to contain for most of your childhood – what a high! Welcome to the adult world – you’re going to hate it.

Nothing. I’ve got stuff to do – didn’t even hurt that much anyway.
Cry. A big ugly cry.
Swear: that really fucking hurt.

Which is better, the book or the film? Shannon tells us


It’s a dispute that’s been around since the beginning of time. (Almost.) Book lovers say books are best but film buffs argue the movie rules. For some, there isn’t an issue: books and films are separate things. But for others (me) it’s a HUGE issue that needs to be discussed.

In this post, I’m comparing the changes I’ve seen to some major novels when they’ve become movies and collected your thoughts on the ‘book vs film’ debate.