Anaaf Bhatti: Getting it write for non-profits

Social marketing has had a huge impact on the third sector, providing a new platform to engage with new audiences, reach out to beneficiaries and increase donations. It allows a cost-effective way for organisations to convey messages that reflects their values and services the way they want to.

Abi Rose: A look at the evolution of blogging

The first blog I ever read was Flying – it was 2007 and I was 15. My friends and I were obsessed with Selina’s adventures in beauty and fashion.

Pre-Instagram era, we could wear what Selina wore at the click of a button. Pre-Pinterest we attempted her DIY ideas (with varying degrees of success). She’s also entirely to blame for a questionable love of vintage clothing, that pre-Facebook, there is little evidence of!

Pinterest: How any brand can use Pinterest

One of the rising stars in the social media scrum is Pinterest. It’s long been debated whether the platform is just a passing fad, however with recent figures showing a 111% growth in active users, it’s clear that ‘pinning’ is here to stay. Pinterest is a social platform for users to ‘pin’ images which they […]