How we work

If you know exactly what you want and you’re just looking for someone to get things done then we can do that for you. We’re also pretty handy when you need help early on with thinking about your strategy and the desired outcome for a project.

We work in an agile way and because of this flexible process we can integrate into your team as early or late as you need. If in doubt drop us a line¬†and let us know what stage you’re at.

We’re based in the East Midlands and some of our clients are close by while plenty are further away. We use Skype and email to stay in touch and we’ll come to see you when you like, too.

An example work flow

1. Tell us what you need (give us the brief)

2. We do some research (on your industry, for example)

3. We write the copy and send it to you to check

4. We work together to make amends

5. You sign off the copy. Repeat 3-5 as needed

For copy projects we’ll work with you (and your web team) to prioritise what you need for your website. We also help with information architecture, content strategy and offline marketing materials. We will write a batch of pages and get signoff from you before moving to the next batch, so you’re happy with the tone and content as we go.

For social projects we work in a similar way. You tell us what you want the social account to do, we work out how we’ll do this, including sample tweets and posts, which you’ll look over. Once we’ve agreed the type, frequency and tone of the posts, you’ll give us access to the account(s) you want us to manage.