Instagram: Advertising your products… without using X-PRO II

In our post about using Instagram effectively, we discussed telling your brand’s story. Remember: don’t be afraid of photos that aren’t perfect.

This edition in our Instagram series focuses on using the platform effectively if your business is all about consumer products.

Consumer goods are absolutely brilliant for Instagram. Shots of sexy, well-placed pieces are enough to urge even the most resilient individuals to browse your site.

For brands who really embrace Instagram for marketing, engagement rates can be immense. Let’s take a look at just how some rock their shots.

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Know your target market 

The biggest reason why certain consumer goods fly on Instagram is because the brands behind them know their target market inside and out. For users, although they love to browse on Instagram, they have little time to do so. If you sell shoes, don’t forget to show off your biggest selling point – shoes!

Unfortunately, that would be all to easy to master. You need to think a little more creatively to really pull in your target market to engage with your brand.

Your audience is attracted, not only to your product, but to the lifestyle surrounding your brand. They want to find a feed filled with their interests as well as products they want to buy.

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A great example of this is music retailer, Fopp.

It has hit the perfect balance between advertising its products and posting about things that focus on the audience’s interest. For example, fun things happening instore, bands, the Fopp Film Club and more. There are loads of examples on the Fopp Instagram feed.

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Get your advocates involved 

You’ve got a product and your target market is buying it so why not post about them? If you tell your advocates to take shots of your product in their surroundings, they’ll be encouraged to do so. They’ll then check your feed relentlessly to see if their shot gets ‘chosen’ by your brand.

This type of customer-focused posting is becoming more and more widespread as brands recognise that it satisfies both their customers and their marketing – what’s a bigger endorsement than a happy individual taking snaps of your product in use?

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One of the kings of this method of customer engagement is Vans. Pretty much every other image on their Instagram feed is of customers, snapped by the team. Vans also takes the idea of using products ‘in action’ quite literally – can anyone else board like this?

Play to your strengths

If your brand is all about heritage, let your Instagram feed say so and as clearly as possible. There’s nothing worse for a user than seeing a brand try to be something it’s not – just because it’s a new trend in social media trends.

What’s much more endearing to users to see a brand which they can identify with immediately. A report by ComScore said: “the average Instagram user spent 257 minutes accessing the app” – that’s not an extensive amount of time, so you need to capture your user’s attention quickly. 

Don’t be afraid to be make your product offering obvious to users, they’ll reward you for it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 11.47.19

A fine example of this is the rather delicious bakery, Tartine Baker.

They are absolute Instagram gold in their product offering and they work it! Every photo makes your mouth water, instantly identifying them as a bakery. And their audience?

“… 953 others like this” – that says it all.

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